Friday, December 12, 2008

SELL SHORT at 12/12/2008 close

For the 24-hour period beginning right now, Forecast Monkey says SELL the S&P500 (Sell any other holdings and buy Ultrabear fund or SDS shares).

Today's prediction was reached by scanning the Forecast Monkey's retinas while tickling him (not an easy task).

Yesterday, Forecast Monkey predicted that the S&P 500 would rise over the 24-hour period ending now. With ten minutes remaining in the trading day, it appears that yesterday's prediction was correct. If you were stupid and traded based on the forecasts so far, as of right now you would have a gain of approximately 9% over the last 3 days (exact return will be posted tomorrow).

So far, the Forecast Monkey has been 100% correct in his trading predictions. If he keeps that level of accuracy, a trader following his advice will double his money every few months.

Exact return through yesterday's close was: +8.13%

I beg of you not to use this silly forecast in real-life trading. These predictions are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

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