Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to Forecast Monkey

Can the wild antics of a hyperactive monkey predict the stock market? Of course they can. That's why the world needs this blog. Forecast monkey's first prediction will occur today at 12:50 PM Pacific Time.

Forecast monkey currently favors trading using a profunds.com account. He likes to transfer money back and forth between leveraged index funds which track the S&P 500 (UltraBull and UltraBear), although I may at some point interpret his screeching as recommending different mutual funds. It is also possible to trade his predictions using ETF pairs such as ProShares SSO (2x long) and SDS (2x short) which are similar, but can be purchased at any time of the day using most online brokerages (note that this strategy will incur higher overhead costs).

Forecast monkey makes no claims about the accuracy of his predictions, and making trades based on his advice would be pure folly. If one were so stupid as to use them, trades would be placed immediately before the cutoff time for the funds being bought/sold. For ETF pairs such as SSO/SDS, this would be the end of the trading day. Profunds cutoff times are described here: (Click Here)

These predictions are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

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