Monday, January 5, 2009

BUY LONG at 1/5/2009 close

For the 24-hour period beginning 12:50 PM PST, Forecast Monkey says BUY the S&P500 (Sell any other holdings and buy Ultrabull fund or SSO shares).

Today's prediction was reached by adding a steadily increasing dose of capsaicin to the Forecast Monkey's cocaine supply and carefully recording the exact instant that his drug-seeking behavior was overwhelmed by his discomfort.

Statistics for the Forecast Monkey's predictions through Friday's close:
Average success rate: 63%
Total return: +12%
1 week return: -6.0%
Friday 01/02/2009 return: -6.27%

Ouch! The last few days have been painful for anyone stupid enough to bet money on the Forecast Monkey's predictions. We're still in the black overall, but we've lost about half of our initial gains.

I beg of you not to use this silly forecast in real-life trading. These predictions are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

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