Monday, January 12, 2009

STAY LONG at 1/12/2009 close

For the 24-hour period beginning 12:50 PM PST, Forecast Monkey says BUY the S&P500 (Continue to hold Ultrabull fund or SSO shares).

Today's prediction was reached by plucking out the Forecast Monkey's nose hairs, putting them in his eyes, and measuring his blink rate.

Statistics for the Forecast Monkey's predictions through the last market close:
Average success rate: 71%
Total return: +27%
10-day return: +5.4% (Avg: +5.0%)
5-day return: +13.5% (Avg: +3.8%)
1-day return: +4.27% (Avg: +1.21%)

I note that today is shaping up to be the Forecast Monkey's 2nd biggest 1-day loss of all time. I sure hope that anyone dumb enough to trade these predictions isn't also unlucky enough to start today!

I beg of you not to use this silly forecast in real-life trading. These predictions are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

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