Friday, March 6, 2009

STAY LONG at 3/6/2009 close

For the 72-hour period beginning 12:50 PM PST, Forecast Monkey says BUY the S&P500 (Continue to hold Ultrabull fund or SSO shares)

I will be out of town for at least a week, so I'm guessing I will not be able to post any predictions until Wednesday the 11th. Starting Monday 3/9/2009, any hypothetical investment dollars will be safely stowed in a money market account.

Here's the latest stats.

31 wins out of 58 attempts = 53% success rate

Timespan Return Average

Total 20% N/A

2009 YTD -3.2% N/A

20 days -19.8% 11.8%

10 days -14.7% 3.6%

5 days -12.0% 1.6%

1 day 8.29% 0.41%

I'll probably be doing some major brain surgery on the Forecast Monkey soon, at which time we may reset our stats and start afresh.

Again, these predictions are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't make real-life trades based on this silly speculative nonsense.

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